For Companies

THINK TODAY is a flexible and reliable Finnish business gift company that designs and manufactures custom made responsible and sustainable interior design products for homes, companies and communities.

The well-designed, unique products are POPULAR BUSINESS GIFTS that are all made of quality materials in Finland and have multiple uses.

THINK TODAY creates tailor-made solutions for clients in everything from a single product to a whole company concept that projects the company image. Our service includes the design, the local manufacturing and personalisation and according to your wishes, also packing and delivering the products directly to your customers. The product package includes a story about the circular economy, the original details of the materials and their life cycle before becoming a new product. All product information comes in Finnish and English

THINK TODAY operates with the values of sustainable development and we are proud of our capacity to fast deliveries. With our long experience in the area, we have collected a highly functional network for creating all sizes of high-quality business gifts at the same time recycling the surplus materials of your company. You are very welcome to ask us about our product development and customization services. Besides our unique products, our selection also includes the usual business gift products like printed products, trays, reflectors, wipes, key chains, tokens etc.