Ceramic base for cold and hot food


The FISU trivet for cold and hot works in table setting and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The product is made of recycled ceramic tile (Vehoniemenlaatta / Happy Tiles). Cool in the freezer or use as a pan tray or try as a serving tray for sushi, for example. Keeps wine, spread or gravy fish cold for longer. Shades of gray. Product length 35cm width 11.5cm.

Made in Finland.

The fish-like Fisu base withstands all weather conditions and is easy to clean. The underside has paws so it stays off the plane and in place better. The product can withstand cold and hot. Use for table setting, serving or as a cooler for wine. Serves as a trivet and withstands all weather conditions. Different shades of grey.

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