Pet products

We like pets. We think their well-being is important, so we want to design well-designed products in terms of the circular economy for pets and their owners as well.

Our selection includes ergonomic and decorative cup holders for both cats and dogs. Products can be found for small as well as larger pets.

In the manufacture of platforms, we utilize various surplus materials such as aluminum composites, laminate and various plastic materials. The appearance of the products can be easily adapted to suit different interiors and spaces by changing the surface to a different material or shade and pattern. New surfaces in the rack can also be ordered separately.

Pets get old and may also get sick. It is a good idea them to eat from a higher surface, regardless of their size. Among other things, abrasions, cervical or back ailments, reflux, and gastric accumulations are reasons to provide a pet with a higher surface for eating and drinking. In addition, we design a simple and timeless cup holder that is well suited for a variety of homes. Our collection also includes plastic mats and toys made of textiles and trade fair mats.

“Pets are important to us”