It all started with a one-woman idea and a new vision of responsible business and recycling materials, collaboration and ideation, and testing in practice. Why are no materials from the construction industry left over from the products reused? We came up with an idea, created a network and developed a brand and designed the products. We are now concretely reducing the amount of usable material that ends up in landfills.

Over the years, a clear vision and idea for THINK TODAY’s business model emerged in the heat of a log house of more than 100 years in the village of Heinijärvi in ​​Pirkanmaa. The year was 2004. Today, our production facility is located in the Elovainio industrial area, a 10-minute drive from Tampere, where we come up with new ideas, store materials and manufacture and package our products. We organize various courses, recreational bridges, a bachelor party program and workshops on our premises. There is also a shop on our premises. Welcome to visit us!

We employ dozens of people from several different companies every year. In addition, we cooperate with educational institutions, offering internships in our company to students in various fields, and we also participate in various sales events, fairs, projects and development work in the field of circular economy.

Finnish work and education, local manufacturing and strong professional skills are things we value. In addition to the operating model of the circular economy and corporate cooperation, such social responsibility has been one of the strengths of our company throughout its operations.

Susanne Hamari, the company’s founder, is a product designer and producer of new ideas. She also acts as a facilitator and inspiring lecturer, workshop facilitator, circular economy ambassador and provider of corporate responsibility (CRS), responsible business and product design / development expert services to companies.

In addition to Susanne, Katri Lindström handles sales and marketing tasks in our team. Katri is professional in marketing and sales and helps our customers in the Helsinki area to find the right products for them for resale and corporate gifts.

Contact us, we will present the products and their versatile customization options, as well as the use of our own materials in reproduction.